About Me

I've been working in the home improvements trade for over 10 years, having always known pretty much what I wanted to do. My clear vision of my career path fuelled my ambition to go straight from school into an apprenticeship.

I've always got the most enjoyment from new challenges and from completing a project with a clear end result. There's nothing as rewarding as seeing a truly happy client upon turning their dreams into a reality and then exceeding their expectations.

I fondly remember one particular occasion, while working with an elderly couple who couldn't quite afford the funds to refurbish their bathroom in the best way to accommodate their age-related needs, I agreed to do the additions at no extra expense, so long as they could wait for me to accumulate the necessary materials out of wastage. Eventually I did and so was able to complete a safe and accessible wet room that in their own words 'totally changed their lives', removing the daily struggle of getting in and out of a bath.

While I may not change someones life every day, leaving a customer pleased beyond expectations, with a beautiful new bathroom or redecorated room, allows me to feel my ultimate sense of achievement and this is the reason why I love to do what I do.

Harry Hamiltion