We understand how finding a team of skilled, experienced and trustworthy tradesmen to work on your home improvement project can be a stressful business and how frustrating it can be, if you are let down at the last minute.

If you've experienced such a problem in the past you'll also know how tricky it can sometimes be to reach agreement on liability and a solution when multiple independent tradesmen are involved.

We ask you to leave the stress and hassle to us.

Beyond our speciality in bathroom installations involving tiling, fitting and general redecoration, Hamilton's Home Improvements can also manage any additional trades required for your entire project all under the one roof.

Whether it be plastering, plumbing, electrical, or even specialist services, we can use our industry network and knowledge to save you the headache of having to find a reputable tradesmen, negotiating multiple quotes and organising all the trades. 

Contact us now and let us take the stress out of your home improvement project.


Being a Hamilton’s Home Improvements customer means you are our top priority.

We guarantee all trades people working on your project will be under our supervision, managed by and billed through us, giving you a single point of contact for any query or problem.

Our clients and our reputation mean everything. We stand by this, offering a 12 month money back guarantee on all workmanship completed by HHI.

While working on your project we will ensure the area is kept as clean and tidy as possible and that disruption is kept to a minimum, providing you optimum comfort to go about your daily lives.

At HHI we take pride in our work, paying attention to the finest detailed finishes. Everything we do is completed to the highest standards.


Harry Hamilton

Hamilton's Home Improvements


We’ve got you covered!

Every tradesperson working on your project will come fully vetted, qualified, up to date with all trade regulations and years of experience in their speciality.

All workmanship will be guaranteed to industry standards and free of defects for at least 12 months.


All work will be project managed by us, billed through us and therefore guaranteed by us.

No need to navigate multiple contacts with any queries or issues.

Builders insurance covers working heights from 1m to 10m.